Posted on: November 4, 2008 6:44 pm
Edited on: November 5, 2008 10:28 am

Milwaukee Buck: Week 1 (1-2)

The NBA season finally kicked off and anticipation are high for Milwaukee Bucks fans. We seen some moves made this offseason with a new coach, Scott Skiles, the arrival of another star player, Richard Jefferson, and the exit of Mo Williams and Yi Jianlian. Nonetheless, the Bucks are looking solid with Andrew Bogut showing strides and Charlie Villanueva having something to prove (was chosen over Yi).

Off the bat, I have a major concern with Coach Skiles already. Last year we seen young Ramon Session display flashes of greatness and for some reason he is being benched for Luke Ridnour (who averaged 6.4 pts, 4 ast and only started 5 games last season) and Tyronn Lue (not any better averaging 5.3 pts, 1.4 ast and only 3 starts last season). Last year, we were wondering what the Bucks were going to do the young fella but we didnt thing that the talent should be benched.

Right now I just want to say Sen. Kohl, if Skiles gets too authorian get rid of his (explative), Avery Johnson still needs a job.

Mil @ Chi -
The Bucks got a great showing from Michael Redd(30 pts, hit 4 tre's) but the rest of the team lookin like it was still preseason. Richard Jefferson was sluggish, only had 15pts, didn't get to the charity stripe and shot 25%(lol, c'mon R-Jizzle). Bogut was solid but he has to play more that 25 minutes, thats barely half a game - if he can get 9 pts(on 4 of 4 shooting), 7 reb(3 off. reb), 1 stl and 1 blk in those few minutes - imagine what he can get in 34-36 minutes. I guess I did omit that he got in foul trouble but the Bulls do not have any post players for him to be getting in foul trouble over. Andrew we need to see Mr. Bogut, NOT MR BOGUS!

No Ramon Sessions, I'm highly disappointed; But there was a Dan Gadzuric sighting, 6 points on 3 of 3 shooting, 3 rebounds, an assist and a steal in 15 minutes - earning millions must be hard work, huh Dan?

Oh yeah we lost 108-95

Mil @ Okc -
Party TIme!, The Bucks played the Thunder and whooped that aahskmenomorequestions. Sorry Thunder fans but y'all still have a ways to go. Redd, RJ and Chuck V each dropped a dub(20pts). Charlie Villanueve also grabbed 12 board which got him a double-double (shh, he fouled out too). Bogut stepped up too with 14 points and 7 boards. Good thing the they did play the Thunder because Chuck V and Bogut combined for 11 turnovers, that aint gonna fly against half decent team and we only play them 1 more time this year.

Still no Ramon Session. Coach Skiles theres no strick dress code in the Mil Ok let the young guy play!


Mil vs Tor-
FINALLY, and a back injury later, Ramon Sessions got to start. The Buck played great too, almost all the starters were in double figures scoring. Michael Redd led, of course, with 19 pts, Chuck V had 16 (hit 2 tre's), Mr. Bogut had 14, Sessions has 12 but Richard "laid an egg" Jefferson scored 9 pts on 3-13 shooting. Thats 23%, I didnt think Jamario Moons defense got that much better.

So the Bucks lost because they tried to have a 3 point contest with the best 3 point shooting team in the league, Redd was 1 of 6 for deep.  This game basically showed that the Bucks have more work to do. This game was very winnable(is that a word) but RJ got outscored by Moon (OMG RJ, Milwaukee is no Jersey/ NY but its not that bad!). All Toronto starters had double figures. Session got out balled by Jose Calderon but it was his 1st game, he still had splinters in his butt.

Final 91-87

After this first week, the Bucks should have been 3-0. The problem in their 2 losses were that they faded at the end of these games. It looks like their conditioning is lacking.

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