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Milwaukee Bucks week 4 (2-2) continued...

Since I did not get to fully complete my original post, instead of editing, I'll continue anew...

Mil @ Den
This has to be the worst game by the Bucks, thus far, in the season. I mean, Renaldo Balkman had 10 pts, 2 rebs, 4 blk, 2 stl, was 4-4 ft and 50% from the field in 20 minutes. No one on the Nuggets roster played over 29 minutes, no starter worth mentioning played more than 2 quarters. Good ol' Charlie Bell led the Bucks with 25 points.

I'm pretty sure that in the locker room at half time, when the Bucks wer losing 64-50, Coach Skiles said, "Ok guys, we will not hold them under 100 points, so we have no chance in hell. Charlie, Joe, Ramon this is going to be your half have fun." Then he rested RJ, Bogut, Mbah a Moute for the Jazz (which didnt help).

O yeah the Bucks Lost

Final 114-105

SO... The first quarter the Bucks came out rusty and the Jazz too a 10 point lead after 1, 26-16. Second quarter the Bucks got their second wind and took a 2 point lead at half time, off of a 26-8 run at the end of the half. In the third quarter the Buck held on to the 2-point lead; but after 8 missed shots and 6 turnovers, Old Coach Jerry Sloan knew a winded bunch we he sees one. I guess, knowing that the previous night your opponet played in a mile high altitude help too.

The Jazz came out in the 4th running. Sloan Made frequent sustitutions and ran the Buck ragged for the last 12 minutes of the game. Utah took a 3 point lead with about 5 minutes to play and that was all she wrote. The Bucks only managed to score 8 more points, while the jazz piled on 16 points and got the "W".

Resting the player was a smart move by coach Skiles but with a shallow bench its only a band-aid on a gun shot wound.

Final 105-94

Mil vs NYK
I must say that the Bucks were happy to be playing a short-handed Knicks squad, who like to run. With only 8 players there was not much running and gunning by the Knicks. The Bucks were salivating like a volture over a dead carcass, they knew the Knicks were theirs for the devouring. Charlie Villanueva returned from a "hamstring injury" and was glad to play in his hometown, so he dropped 20 points in 13 minutes. No Buck played over 29 minutes, which means they'll were rested for the Bobcats.


Final  104-87

Mil @ Cha
Well, I had to turn away from this game and just kept checking every now and then. This was like watching a group of over-sized high school kids play an all-start game. Nonetheless, the Bucks did hold on for the win. Since there is nothing great, or even merely good, to talk about on this game, I'll mention some good facts.

Did you know

  • The Bucks are 1 of 2 teams that have played 16 games thus far
  • The Bucks are 5th in rebounding for (44.75)  and against (39) as a team
  • The Bucks have the 2nd hight rebound differential (5.75)
  • The Bucks are 5th in turnovers (16.56)
  • The Bucks are NUMBER 1 in fouls with 26.25 fouls per game
  • The Bucks have lost every game where the opposing team has scored over 100 points(except in OT)

Final 79-74



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Milwaukee Bucks week 4 (2-2)

Again the Bucks have split their 4 games this week and stand at a 7-8 for the season. This week was tough with 3 of 4 games on the road and 3 of 4 teams above .500. Next week will be even tougher as the Bucks are on a 4 game road trip, that started saturday in Charlotte, followed by trips to Orlando(monday), Atlanta(wednesday) and Detroit(friday) and ends the week Saturday in Milwaukee against the Lebrons Cavs.


Posted on: November 3, 2008 6:00 pm

Detroit Shock: trade 1 week into NBA Season

Ha, No. Its not the Detroit Shock but the move that brought Allen Iverson to the Pistons, ans sent Chauncey Billups and Antonio McDyess to the Nuggets, is just that SHOCKING. We know that the promise to "shake things up" did not happen over the summer but one week into the season it has come to fruition.

Overall this is an even trade. The Nuggets get another big body for the front court rotation(though he may not stay), they also get a veteran point guard. I could see the Nugget starting 5 looking like so...

G - Chauncey Billups
G - J.R. Smith
F - Carmelo Anthony
F - Kenyon Martin

I knew that the Nuggets were going to make a move when the gave up Marcus Camby - it was like when the boy traded his donkey for 3 beans. Also I think JR Smith will be starting, thats the only reason I can think for signing him to the type of deal he got.

As for Detroit I think they get a lot better. In the past two season Allen Iverson has not been the ball hog of old and has shown that he is now ready to sacrifice what he has to to get a championship ring - this is the type of trade he initially wanted when he left Philly.

G - Allen Iverson
G - Richard Hamilton
F - Tayshaun Prince
F - Amir Johnson
C - Rasheed Wallace

Why is Detroit a lot better?

Now they have that go to scoring option. In year past it waqs always, "who's turn is it?" Now it is, "Uh Oh its AI time!" This is what Detroit needs - Celtics have Paul Pierce, Cavs has Lebron, Heat have D Wade, I could go on and on but you get the picture. Plus Allen Iverson is a player that draws double teams. Imagine trying to double team Allen Iverson when 3 great long-range shooter are on the floor.

The East will be on fire this year!


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