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Posted on: June 15, 2009 1:34 am

Ten Acid Deez Game Plan

Line up – Minutes

G: Michael Jordan – 38 min
G: Allen Iverson – 37 min
G/F: David Thompson - 30 min
F: Ben Wallace – 35 min
C: Arvydas Sabonis – 28 min

BE: Drazen Petrovic – 28 min (10 for Jordan, 11 for Iverson, 7 as third guard*)
BE: Mark Eaton – 22 min
BE: Connie Hawkins – 18 min (11 as SF, 7 as PF)
BE: Bob McAdoo – 6 min
BE: Calvin Murphy – 0 min


We are still utilizing the three-guard attack, using the dribble-drive offense, in a 4 out offensive set, looking to keep the paint available for penetration from the pg, sg & sf positions.

Offensive set up

1) Jordan sets things up from the area between the top of the key and the wing, more so toward the top of the key
2) Iverson will be deep in the corner on the same side as Jordan

  • IF Jordan sees fit he will call for Iverson to get the ball and take Iverson’s spot

3) The 3 spot (Thompson/Hawkins) will be in the same area as Jordan starts from just on the opposite side of the basket, more so toward the wing, and a little further back off the 3 pt line

4) The 4 spot (Sabonis) will be same area as Iverson sets up (deep corner) just on the opposite side of the basket

  • the 3 and 4 spots can, and will, switch at times especially when Hawkins is in, this allow Sabonis touches to use his passing abilities

5) The 5 spot (Wallace/Eaton) will take the low block, high elbow or short corner(the spot between the low block and corner) on the opposite side of the basket that Iverson and Jordan will be on.

Jordan & Iverson

Just to make it clear Jordan will be the primary ball handler. Iverson will run things when Jordan is on the bench or when Jordan sees fit.

Iverson IS NOT A VOLUME SHOOTER ON THIS TEAM!! His duty on offense is to attack the paint, find the open man when doubled or when help defense comes over, and get to the freethrow line.

Wallace and Eaton

Right away, we are going to look to keep Dwight Howard Honest. We know he loves going for the shot block, so we will not look to draw him out of the paint. Rather we are going to put Wallace/Eaton on the “short corner” a lot and bait Howard on our drives to the basket. By having them in the “short corner” it will make it so Howard can not be in the paint without defensive 3 seconds being called. WE KNOW that these 2 are seen as players not needed to be guarded but YOU CAN NOT LEAVE THEM ALONE UNDERNEATH THE BASKET. When Howard comes out to shot block Jordan and Iverson are going to look to lob it or dump it down to one of those 2 (Eaton and his famous TIPPY-TOE dunk). After a couple of easy baskets, or fouls by Howard, that should keep him at bay, making him a little hesitant to jump out so quickly.


The biggest asset of Sabonis’ OFFENSIVE game that we want to Utilize is his passing. He can score but that not what we need from him. He can definitely not be left open ANYWHERE on the court. At times, when he switches to the 3 spot, we are going to benefit immensely from his court vision and ability to put the ball on the floor. We’d rather he average 10 assist than 10 points, as we have plenty of scorers.

Thompson & Hawkins

No players the opposition has available can hold or slow down either of these 2. As the 3rd options their speed and athleticism will get them to the basket and get Howard & Nique in foul trouble (and POSTERIZED!).


Drazen Petrovic will be the lone back up guard this game. NEVER AT PG. He will have the green light to get his jump shot going.

When he is in as a 3rd Guard, this will be the lineup for 7 minutes.

G: Jordan
G: Iverson
G: Petrovic
F: Sabonis
C: Eaton

This will be Petro’s time. We will want to get him hot and see if he can get some quick points. Our plays will give him plenty of looks seeing that we have Iverson and Jordan driving the lane, Sabonis able to make the pass, and a 7’4 giant who can not be left open under the basket. So the space and opportunity will be there.


McAdoo Special unit (5-Out Offense)

G: Jordan
G: Iverson
F: Hawkins
F: McAdoo
C: Sabonis

1) Jordan at the top of the key, with the ball
2) Hawkins & McAdoo, will play play the corners
3) Iverson & Sabonis will take the wings

Its all about spacing all five players on the perimeter. All can not be left open. And some poor guy left alone on an Island to guard Michael Jordan, one-on-one with no help. Also a “give and go” for Jordan with either wing player, Iverson or Sabonis. If McAdoo’s or Hawkins’ man come over to help they will be open for the baseline jumper as well.




Jordan is the only option for guarding LeBron - ‘nuff said.

Thompson will guard Nique. Before we get all caught up in the “he’s too small” gaff lets really look at this. Thompson is definately 1 upping Nique on athleticism. Remember, at nearly 3 inches smaller he can still out leap Nique. Plus Nique will not be posting up, even in that case, that’s not Nique strength. Of course Nique will not be stopped but he will not man handle Thompson AT ALL.

Sabonis is on Bellamy and Big Ben Wallace will defend Howard. Sabonis will do fine on Bellamy, especially as Bellamy is not going to be looked toward much for offense. I also do NOT want to hear anything about Howard being too big or strong for Wallace (6’9 vs 6’10). Wallace will stay at home on Howard and not look to help a bunch. Wallace WILL force THE YOUNG Howard into a lot of turnovers.

Iverson will guard whoever else they choose to start. They all are taller but they all are perimeter players as well. So they can not take full advantage of the height discrepancy and post Iverson.


Special Man Zone Defense

C: Eaton
F: Wallace
G: Thompson
G: Iverson
G: Jordan

1) Jordan will stay manned up on Lebron

2) Eaton will Man whoever’s on the low block

3) Big Ben will man the middle, playing MAN zone, with the freedom to help as he sees fit

4) Iverson and Thompson will man the wings, playing MAN zone

The main objective is to catch them off guard, this “zone” will look like man-to-man defense. This is mainly designed for pick-n-rolls with LeBron &Howard, or whatever play comes down the middle, toward our great defender (Jordan, Wallace, Eaton). Secondly, this will allow Iverson and Thompson opportunities to shoot the gap and go for steals. I don’t want to see any of the crap about it being bad for Iverson to gamble. Iverson has led the league, AND is one of the ALL-TIME LEADERS IN STEALS. He accomplished this by “gambling”, more appropriately “SHOOTING THE GAPS”, and hawking on the ball. With 3 of the greatest defenders ALL-TIME (Jordan, Wallace, Eaton) on the floor, MANNING THE MIDDLE, it gives Iverson ample opportunity to PLAY TO HIS STRENGTH.

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